I spy...

A SWOLLEN EYE. It sucks being blind in one eye and looking like a freak. An insect-like bastard tried to give my eyelid a hickey, I suppose, and now it's all swollen and ugly. I can't even cover it up with makeup. Nope, all the mascara and Urban Decay Sin Primer Potion and various face illuminators can distract from the huge whatever-that-is that's screwing up what little crease I have :(

So in my vanity, I have decided not to attend school today and waste my time being productive. Yeah. So anyway.

We'll have our channel up and running soon. I hope. If we manage to get together for like three seconds out of our oh-so-busy nap-filled schedules to film. Kay. Byeeeeee.

Hoping your left eye looks better than mine right now,

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